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Analysing the Numbers

Putting Clients First

Priority one is commitment to clients. In establishing and maintaining an ongoing relationship with you, ALJAR strives to provide long-term, value-added business services. Learn more about ALJAR and its principal.



ALJAR provides business consulting services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, foundations and family offices by offering objective advice and a long-range vision. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business, financial and cash flow analysis

  • Resource optimization

  • Technology training

  • Inter-generational business planning.

Many current clients call on ALJAR to assist in change management, whether it applies to technology implementation, cash flow optimization or strategic planning around operational and/or financial participation of children and grandchildren in a family business. With integrity and hard work as cornerstones, ALJAR enables families and businesses to be more communicative and more productive.


Clients rely upon ALJAR to address existing internal business problems and to keep a keen eye on the industry and market in which a business competes. ALJAR stands out by offering advice to clients about their position in the marketplace and the need to adapt to fast changing markets when applicable. We make decisions collaboratively through relationship building and mutual trust.


New Clients By Referral Only 

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